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Jessica Jarlvi, author of When I Wake Up

In my writing, I have always been drawn to psychology: why do people act the way they do? As an author, you also want the reader to keep turning the page so it felt natural for me to add a suspenseful element to my novel. The result was the psychological thriller, When I Wake Up.


Writing can be likened to exercise for me. If I don’t do it, I don’t feel good. Do I procrastinate and do everything else to avoid sitting down to write? YES. But when I eventually do get on with it, I don’t want to stop because it makes me feel great.


Creating characters and plot is deeply satisfying. You’re essentially given a blank canvas and since you’re not writing about yourself, your characters can be as complicated or as nasty as you want them to be. That’s very liberating!


My writing isn’t just limited to fiction however. I also journal from time to time, especially if something is going on in my life. I find that seeing words printed on paper helps me think more clearly.

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Jessica Jarlvi, author of

When I Wake Up

Quite often, people tell me that they wish they could write. My answer is always the same: just do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect. No one even needs to read it. Not a single person read my first manuscript before I sent it off. Mind you, it wasn’t picked up but I found an old rejection letter the other day and it wasn’t too bad! At the end of the day, I had created something out of nothing and to me, that felt amazing.


Writing should be encouraged for people of all ages – it’s never too late to start.




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