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Reviews of When I Wake Up

"Jessica Jarlvi is a hugely talented writer and definitely one to watch," Sophie Hannah. 


"Amazing. Probably the best thriller I've read all year. A celebration of love and reading, all wrapped-up in a brilliant mystery. I adored it." Barnaby Walter

"A real page-turner. I made the mistake of starting this in the late evening and couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed the level of detail with all the characters and the plot kept me guessing throughout the book. A fantastic read - highly recommended," Karen Osman. 

"Shock and sexual tension 
abounds in this tense story," My Weekly. 

"Starts with a bang and continues to reel the reader into the plot throughout. This kept me hooked ... I thought I had it figured out but the author manages to keep you guessing until the end," Ali The Dragon Slayer. 

"An absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters. I did not see that coming. Shocked. 5*," Sue Wallace, NetGalley. 

"An absolute page-turner! ... For lovers of suspense/thrillers, do not miss out on reading this amazing novel! Hats off to Jessica Jarlvi, her incredible writing, and this amazing novel," Dandelions Inspired.

"This was a SUPER creepy read ... The action was tension-heavy and fast-paced... I cannot WAIT to see what Jessica Jarlvi will deliver next," Elizabeth Mathis, NetGalley. 

"I was in complete suspense all the way to the end. There were so many jaw-
dropping moments and it has been a long time since a book has gripped me that way," Readers Review Room. 

"Kept me engrossed, entertained, and determined to find out what happened to Anna, and why," The Writing Garnet. 

"It leaves you wanting more, and I will have zero delays in buying anything by Jessica 
Jarlvi in the future. An author we should all be watching out for," Love Books Group. 

"I love when I 
have to figure things out ... Jarlvi had me right till the end. I wanted to see how it wrapped up but also enjoyed the ride to the end... I really recommend this novel for those that like a scandal suspense story," My Novelesque Life. 

"It was a love, mystery and thriller story like no other I have read lately ... A definite must-read for all mystery and thriller lovers out there. Looking forward to more books by this amazing author," Geraldine Roberts, NetGalley. 

"The major twist was so good and took me by surprise. With so many suspense thrillers hitting the shelves, it's becoming a tough job to write [one] that can stand out. I think Jessica
Jarlvi is one of those authors who can do just that," Mesha's Corner.

"A well-written psychological thriller with lots of suspects to keep you guessing to the end. Well worth the read - I couldn't put it down!" Crazy Book Addiction. 

"Jarlvi weaves the story and multiple sub-stories so well that I really wasn't sure who the attacker was until Anna revealed it ... A suspenseful page-turner, and a terrific read. I recommend it highly," Kathy Fuchs, NetGalley. 

"Absorbing, dark, and refreshingly different. I highly recommend it," Books of All Kinds. 

"An absolutely brilliant psychological thriller, I was totally hooked all the way through," Shirley Jones, NetGalley. 

"Clever intriguing storyline with so many suspects and so many motives. It was really refreshing to read a modern-day mystery with great depth of plot and subplots," Book Medium.  

"Brilliant book ... Every page and every chapter took me on a journey I wasn't expecting ... Very clever writing with many plots and twists and turns," Jirina Miles, NetGalley. 

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