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Reviews of What Did I Do?

"Jessica Jarlvi is a hugely talented writer and definitely one to watch," Sophie Hannah. 

"A very good, twisted narrative that keeps you guessing," Dawn Goodwin, NetGalley. 

"A fun murder mystery suspense thriller story with all the genre accoutrements,"
 Mia D, NetGalley. 

"This book will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. I was obsessed with finding out what happened and could not put it down until the end," Jennifer Ornelas, NetGalley. 

"Set in Chicago and Sweden, this story has the pacing and sinister elements of a Scandinavian thriller," Jane Hunt, NetGalley. 

"A sensational novel the likes of which I have never come across before, and I recommend it to everyone who despairs of formulaic reads. I 
promise, you haven't read anything like this before!" Grace J Reviewerlady, NetGalley. 

"A superb ending to this dark, psychological story," Sarah Miller, NetGalley. 

"Like riding on an unpredictable rollercoaster with lots of twists, turns and moments that make your heart rate increase in anticipation of what lies in store," Amanda Oughton, NetGalley. 

"Buckle up darlings because you are in for a bumpy ride. But what a great ride it's going to be," Aida Alberto, NetGalley. 

"Jessica has a knack for making you feel all snug and comfortable, then she smacks you around the head with a plot twist that leaves you shocked and unsettled," Kelly Lacey, NetGalley. 

"I found this dark psychological thriller to be truly captivating. She is definitely an author to watch," Robin Taylor, NetGalley. 

"Great read; be prepared to pour your heart and soul, and all your brain cells, into reading this book," Lucii Grubb, NetGalley. 

"What a sinister, disturbing and fantastic read. Lock your door, switch off your phone and buckle in for a great ride," Mary Hulford, NetGalley. 

"Very gripping and the way it is written keeps you reading. The characters are described well and you get to understand them really well," 
Chells and Books. 

"Dark, intense and plot twists galore Jessica Jarlvi's new novel is not one to be missed. Utterly gripping throughout this was a book I adored," That Thing She Reads. 

"Reading this book is like being on a rollercoaster, with lots of twists and turns, leaving you breathless and wanting more," Pat Simpson, NetGalley. 

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