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"Dark, intense and plot twists galore, Jessica Jarlvi's new novel is not one to be missed. Utterly gripping throughout. This was a book I adored"


That Thing She Reads

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Amanda Oughton, NetGalley



I am driven to inspire people to believe that 'anything is possible' and that you really can have it all – happiness, a successful career and a family.


I grew up in a small, countryside town in Sweden where summertime is synonymous with lush green fields and fresh air; it never really gets dark at night and everything comes alive. Autumn is colourful but wet and wintertime is clouded in a chilling darkness.


I would spend my days in the library reading about the outside world, longing, before I could discover it for myself. When I turned 18, I moved to the United Kingdom with very little money and big dreams. Hard work and perseverance led to a successful career in publishing, editorial and PR, and life took me to the USA, then Dubai.


In 2016, I entered a couple of chapters of 'When I Wake Up' into the Montegrappa First Fiction competition at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Little did I know, that this would lead to a book deal with Aria and Head of Zeus (HoZ) and an international best-seller.


Described as "gripping and utterly addictive," my second book 'What Did I Do?' was released in 2018.


I hold a BSc Hons Degree in Publishing and Business, and a Masters in Creative Writing. When I’m not writing (which isn’t often!), I love to speak about writing, lead creative writing workshops, or focus on my young family.


I have always been interested in the written word and it’s through writing that I’ve been able to get through tough times. That, and a large dose of positive thinking. There is always a silver lining.


I’d love to hear from you – What’s your favourite book? What writing tips would you like? Send me an email!


For my press kit or media inquiries, please email


Please do follow me on Facebook, Twitter , YouTube or Instagram for inspiration and to keep up with my journey!


Much love, always.





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