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10 original book blogs you have to read 


Family drama and human trafficking in new novel


Love and intimacy

Whether it’s happy or dysfunctional, there are always disagreements, so imagine that you have a family torn apart by mental illness and now… murder.

'When I Wake Up' is a dark psychological thriller that centres around a love story. We don’t choose who we fall in love with. It just happens. Biology and pheromones take over and we follow our heart instead of our head. We might hurt people in the process, but we feel happy so we go along with it. 

As an author, I truly value the time and effort spent by book bloggers, and there are many amazing blogs out there. Here, I want to ‘open the covers’ on the top 10 of the most original ones I have come across. Book bloggers are extremely well read and can be a fantastic source of inspiration when you’re looking for your next read.

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How to create an inspiring office space

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The Swedish influence

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Nice to meet you!

I have traveled and lived in the UK, US, Sweden and the Middle East for many years - always writing something. Just over a year ago, I entered a couple of chapters into the Montegrappa First Fiction competition at the Emirates Festival of Literature. Being one of the winners caught the eye of my talented agent, Luigi Bonomi.

Jessica has lived in various countries but growing up in Sweden had a profound impact on her and therefore, setting 'When I Wake Up' in her home country felt like an easy choice. Sweden is amazing with its four seasons. Summertime is synonymous with lush green fields and fresh air; it never really gets dark at night and everything comes alive. Autumn is colourful but wet and wintertime is clouded in a chilling darkness.

As a mum of four kids and full-time author, Jessica knew she had to create a writing space away from the chaos, where she could engross herself in her writing, and also feel inspired.


Since she created her office space, she has been far more productive and creative. It’s a space where she can focus and not be distracted by anything else.

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