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Want to get published? 8 authors reveal how they 'made it'

Every writer has a unique story about how they became a published author. I asked 8 best-selling authors how they made it happen. 

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Struggling to stay motivated?

8 best-selling authors share their secrets

Staying motivated while writing a book can be challenging. How did these 8 best selling-authors do it while writing their very first novel?

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8 best-selling authors share their advice for aspiring writers

What should you think about if you want to be a published author? 8 best-selling authors share their advice for aspiring writers.

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If one more person asks if I’m “just” a writer….

There are many miss-conceptions about what it means to be a ‘writer’ and I want to stamp these out. Either you like to write, or you don’t. But if you’re someone who wants to be published, you take it seriously. It’s not just a hobby and you don’t ‘just’ write. I was this person and after much perseverance, I now have two psychological thrillers (‘When I Wake Up’ and ‘What Did I Do?’) under my belt, while researching my next novel. I’m not ‘just’ a writer. I AM a writer.


5 actionable tips to

get you published

If you love writing, you will probably have asked yourself the question, “How can I get published?” Becoming a published author, signing books, and receiving recognition for your work is what many aspiring writers dream about. But it can be a challenge and it can take time!


5 tips to be more productive

Prior to my first book, ‘When I Wake Up,’ being published, I juggled a marketing job and three lovely children (now four!) with my dream of becoming an author. People often ask me how I managed it all, and to be honest there were times I wondered myself, especially between school drop-offs, work, meetings and children’s activities! My best advice for anyone trying to write a book, or wanting to further progress their career, is to persevere and to work towards your goal every day. 


How to start writing a book: 6 writing tips

If you want to write a book but don’t know where to start, you are not alone! Even the most established authors who have been writing for a long time, struggle with how to start their next novel, or they get half way through their book and hit a blank wall. Jessica is currently writing her third book, and she has certainly learnt a few tricks of the trade following her previous books, ‘When I Wake Up’ and ‘What Did I Do?’ These techniques have kept her accountable and have made sure she kept going.

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6 simple habits for a happier life

It’s a new year and many of us will have made resolutions for 2019. Mine is to ‘follow my joy’. Feeling happy not only makes life worthwhile, but the presence of happiness also makes our goals more attainable.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, working hard, worrying about the future and stressing about every little thing. But that’s how negativity thrives and when we feel negative, it’s hard to reach our full potential.


Writing during a pandemic Top 5 tips

With lockdowns and home working eliminating commutes and social activities, there’s plenty of time to pen a novel, right? No? Because you’re probably home schooling your children or stressing about the global pandemic, worrying about your health, your parents, finances, being separated from loved ones, or whether your book idea is even relevant in a post-pandemic world? 

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