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How to create an inspiring office space

As a mum of four kids and full-time author, I knew I had to create a writing space away from the chaos, where I could engross myself in my writing, and also feel inspired.

When we moved house a few years ago, my favourite monochromic wallpaper was the first thing to go up in my new study. My husband then spent an entire day putting up shelves for ALL my books.

After we moved, it took a few months to get really comfortable but once I was all set up, I had space for everything I might need: white board, folders, filing drawers, cork board, pens, printer, books and notepads. My new home office is now my happy place. And in the morning while I drink my ‘writing tea,’ I look forward to writing my next book.

Since I created my office space, I have been far more productive and creative. It’s a space where I can focus and not be distracted by anything else.

Here are a few of my tips to create an inspiring office space:

Inspiring wallpaper in my study.JPG

Office space

Have natural light


I’d made sure to pick a house that had an office space with natural light. Over the years (and especially when I was juggling writing my first book with motherhood AND working in marketing), I have worked some crazy schedules well into the night. I have learnt from experience, that this isn’t sustainable and it’s important to respect the light. Choose an office space that gets the morning sun, and work when the rest of the world does.


Surround yourself with inspiring objects


Although I know many people prefer a minimalistic working space, I tend to surround myself with anything that inspires me: books, art, fun pens, inspiring quotes, scented candles and a colourful mug. I am usually researching my next book, so I also tend to have a board with photos, names of characters, timelines and dates, on it. Or I have scraps of paper with notes around my desk.


Know yourself


If you are someone who feels you need to brainstorm and write on various pieces of paper that get tossed to the side, why not invest in a white board? I’ve even heard of writers having a clothesline hanging up from wall to wall, with various to-do lists, visual reminders and schedules pegged up. Take a look on Etsy or Pinterest for some interesting organising ideas.


Have a special mug


After spending so many years living in the UK, I couldn’t help but develop a huge tea obsession. I also love colourful mugs and even have a special one for Christmas...


Get green


Plants make people happy by cleaning the air, boosting oxygen, decreasing stress and increasing the Zen. Especially in the hot summer months in Dubai, when you start to feel stale from the blasting aircon, a few low maintenance plants that you water every few days can do a world of good to freshen the air. Also, you can ponder on how much they have grown when you are stuck on a certain detail while writing your book.


Respect the space


When I’m in my office I’m there to work, not go on social media or play on my phone. Procrastination or productivity? Even if I’m having a ‘slow day’ writing and the words aren’t free-flowing, I still do as much as I can. I might delete most of it the next day, but at least there is something to edit and I will be one step closer to finishing!


What are your tips for creating an awesome office space? I would love to see photos! Tag #jessicajarlvi and for more writing tips, please do follow me on FacebookLinkedIn , Twitter , YouTube or Instagram for inspiration and to keep up with my journey!

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