5 actionable tips to get you published

If you love writing, you will probably have asked yourself the question, “How can I get published?” Becoming a published author, signing books, and receiving recognition for your work is what many aspiring writers dream about. But it can be a challenge and it can take time!

For me, it’s been a learning curve.


After moving from my native Sweden to London, I studied Publishing and Business at University. I had always loved books and thought ‘that’s the industry I should be in’. I started working in journalism and later, marketing, and throughout my career I kept writing and occasionally pitching to publishers. I learnt to appreciate the positive rejections, when someone took the time to provide feedback. At times, I questioned myself. I questioned my writing and I questioned my goal of being a published author. But I persevered, because I love to write, and eventually, I won a prize at a prestigious competition and signed a book deal. Finally, my hard work had paid off.

5 Actionable tips to

get you published

These days, I’m a full-time author, but I am also passionate about mentoring other aspiring writers and teaching creative writing. Here are my top 5 actionable tips so that you too can become a published author:

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