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Nice to meet you!

I have travelled and lived in the UK, US, Sweden and the Middle East for many years - always writing something. Just over a year ago, I entered a couple of chapters into the Montegrappa First Fiction competition at the Emirates Festival of Literature. Being one of the winners caught the eye of my talented agent, Luigi Bonomi.


My life suddenly became very busy: apart from my marketing job and three energetic children, I now had a book to write! It took less than a year, most likely because I knew someone was waiting to read it (an incredible feeling). Aria and Head of Zeus (HoZ) signed a two-book deal with me later that year and it’s been the most amazing ride. I never expected a publisher to be so supportive!


In 'When I Wake Up,' a beloved teacher and mother has been viciously attacked in a small Swedish town, and is in a coma. She has no apparent enemies so what could possibly have happened for her to end up there?


When I set out to write the novel, I quickly decided to tell the story from different perspectives: how one person perceives something, is never the way another person does. Also, I believe that everyone has a purpose, that healthy relationships

Editing When I Wake Up

Writing When I Wake Up

are crucial and that sex and intimacy are key to a successful marriage. What happens if all of this is thrown in the air? Finally, I caught myself wondering why people are so obsessed with gender. Why can’t we be allowed to be married to, or be in a relationship with, a ‘person’, as opposed to specifically a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’? Needless to say, with all those thoughts in my head, 'When I Wake Up' was created.


I tend to write very early in the morning if my youngest child hasn’t kept me awake that night (this rarely happens but I dream of the day when it will), or in the evenings when the house is quiet. I also manage to steal a few hours on the weekends and to drown out the noise of my busy household, I plug in music.


Writing has always helped me get through tough times. That, and a large dose of positive thinking. There is always a silver lining, and I love this quote by Nelson Mandela: “Everything seems impossible until it is done.” So here we are: I’m happy to present my debut novel, 'When I Wake Up.' 


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Much love


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