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10 ways working in publishing has

helped me write books

as seen in Female First

Deadlines are important.

Understanding the reason something needs to be submitted at a certain date and ensuring this is done to avoid delays.


Various people are involved in the process.

There’s a publisher, an editor, a sub-editor, proofreader and designer as well as sales and marketing, production and distribution teams. Everyone is working towards a common goal: to sell the book.


How this support team works.

Understanding the publishing business and what function everyone fills, makes it easier to understand what is required and why.


Publishing is a business.

A book needs to sell.


Different publishers look for different books.

Writers shouldn't be despondent if turned down by a

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10 ways working in publishing has

helped me write books

publisher. There will be someone else around the corner. Every ‘no’ brings you closer to a ‘yes’.


Social media has become increasingly important.

When I studied publishing at university, we learnt about CD-Roms! That feels like a lifetime ago. Today, everything is more immediate and readers expect to know an author through their social media channels.


Stick to an easy-to read format when writing the book.

Avoiding multiple fonts and ensuring you use double-spacing and wide margins for an editor to make comments.


People in publishing are generally friendly.

In my experience, people have always been friendly and this has kept me going when I’ve received rejections in the past. Being turned down isn’t personal.


A successful book is a team effort.

An author can write an amazing book but without a team the manuscript goes nowhere.


Publishing inspired my burning desire to succeed.

Seeing other writers get published – whether in book or magazine publishing - made me want it even more. It has always been my dream: if it they could do it, then so could I!

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